Here are some questions I get asked frequently. If you have a question that is not answered here, please ask me and I will answer it ay-sap!

1. How do I place an order??

-Take a look at the tabs labeled "headbands", "Flower Clips", or "Flip Flops" and see what you like. You can either email me (peacerepublicclothing@yahoo.com) or you can order using the paypal feature I've added. I also take text or phone orders. Basically, you can order any way easiest for you.

2. Can I make requests or does that cost extra?

- If you see something you like but you want it in a different color, size, different embellishment, etc, please tell me! I don't charge a penny for you to customize your creation. If you see a photo online of a flower you want me to make, email me the picture and I can create it just for you!

3. Are you willing to trade services for merch?

-For sure :) I've had people offer photography in exchange for headbands and I was loving that idea.

4. Do you need any PRC models?

-I could always use cute new girls to show off PRC. If you're interested in trading some modeling for some merch, let me know!