Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring sneak peak!

Here is a sneak peak to our line! We're debuting it here, today first and then on Facebook again on Saturday. This sneak peak is for all of you who look at our blog! So congratulations :)

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Our first flower is elegant and lovely. It is hand sewn with 3 different yet fabulous fabrics. The center piece is a modern perl and a comfy snap clip attached to the back of the flower keeps it in place.

The Lovely Lace
Price without headband: $7.00  Now {$6.00}

Price with comfy crochet headband: $10.00 Now {$8.00}

This flower is in a stretchy crochet headband. Flower can come with or without headband. The cute silver center piece helps add to the chic look.

The Baby Black
Price with headband: $9.00 Now {$7.00}
Price of just flower: $6.00 Now {$5.00}

This exotic flower is just the perfect amount of cute with a pinch of wild flair. A 4 button center is the perfect twist to this design.

The Wild Child
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

A beautiful tri-cluster flower headband. The three are place on a stretchy black headband. Each flower has different center pieces. Pearls, a button, and a tiny coiled up gold chain.

The 3's A Party
Price: $15.00 Now {$14.00}

This adorable yellow daisy has a beautiful center pattern. A pearl surrounded by various diamonds.

Mellow {In Yellow}
Price: $7:00 Now {$6.00}

This amazing flower is made up of a pure white flower, charcoal black flower, and a deep coral button to top it all off.

The Flirty Fun
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

These lovely green and white flowers can be bought together or separate.

Price together: $12.00 Now {$9.00}

Green and White flower separate. They both have a gorgeous center piece with gold embellishments.

Individual Prices
The Cutie Pie {In Green and White}
Green: $7.00 White: $7.00
Now Both: {$6.00}

A peaceful daisy. It looks pure white, but it is actually slightly off white. The center is filled with beautiful elegant diamonds.

The Creamy Cute {In Cream}
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

These two flowers can be purchased together or separate.

Price together: $12.00 Now {$9.00}

Alone, this vintage flower is stylish and fun with its pattern.

The Awesome Urban
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

The bold solid color is a spring favorite

The Cutie Pie {in yellow}
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

Beautiful peach colored flower with diamond clutter in the center. Comfortable snap clip attached to back of flower.

The Beautiful Babe
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

A flower with a floral pattern? The chic pattern is fun and flirty. Square faux-diamond in the center. Comfortable snap clip attached to the back.

The Forrest Fashion
Price: $7.00 Now {$6.00}

This hand-stitched cream-colored flower petals held together with a deep coral button. Comfortable snap clip attatched to the back of flower.

Fabulous Felt {in cream}
Price: $8.00  Now {$6.50}

This tri-flower cluster on a stretchy band is compiled with soft yellow fabrics. Each flower has a different and unique center piece.

The Yellow Princess
Price: $15.00 Now {$14.00}

This pretty in pink tri-flower cluster is made with 2 different pale, rosy pink fabric patterns and one white, smaller flower. All bound together with a soft stretchy lace band The middle embellishments create a chic modern appeal without going too "over the top".

The Pink Player
Price: $15.00 Now {$14.00}


  1. these are way cute! hm... would you guys make a design in a different color than shown? :)

  2. yeah! I can do any color at all. Just email OR add us on Facebook :)