Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peace.Love.Giveaway! (Weekly Steal)

The lovely Lauren( is having a giveaway for a lovely PRC hair accessory. 


1. follow Lauren {leave a comment}
2. follow Peace Republic Clothing {leave a comment}
3. leave a comment telling which little clippy or headband you'd like best
4. do something nice for someone today.
 {you don't have to leave a comment. but you can. i like nice things.} 

{psst remember, you want to comment as much as possible! it'll help your chances in the drawing.}

you have until next Saturday {november 20th} to enter.
so have fun & do nice things this week!

So get your blog on and I'll make your PRC accessory with lots and lots of creativity&love
Stay beautiful, ladies!


  1. psst can you take my last name off? thanks lover!

  2. I love your flower headbands...they're adorable! I'd love to have the baby blue one with the flowers and pearls. :) P.s. Candace, you are beautiful!

  3. I'm a follower! I love all your headbands!

  4. I am an official follower! And it took me forevers to decide which one I really loved the most buuuut I love the Minty Delight's super adorable!

  5. I'm offically following you! My favorite item is the awesome urban clip!