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  1. PRC rocks! I love all the designs! something that is coming into style is flower necklaces ( see links for examples of what i mean)*F%3F&GUID=659de73912c0a0e203a13fc1fef51410&itemid=350406378787&ff4=263602_304662

    i think it would be fun if you made some! the products you already have rock tho! :}

  2. I lovvve your headbands and awesome hair clips, actually I LOVE all of your items! So super cute!!

  3. I am seriously in LOVE! I have seen so many headbands lately and your are blowing EVERYTHING out of the water! I'm gonna say my favorite is the baby blue... AH so cute!!

  4. I love the blushing bride headband, and I think the little bo peep necklace is my fav! I know what I want come payday! Also, I go to BYU-I too! We should do pics or something sometime :)

  5. your stuff rocks. I absolutely love it. I would love to help you out for like a headband or something. I have access (though not for riding for anyone except me sorry) to horses and a barn and a big hay barn and fields (currently covered in snow) that horses can get to. also baby sheep. Idk if thats stuff you would want to use to showcase some of your stuff but its up for grabs if you would like it. (oh and its in rexburg)

  6. oh i forgot. you can email me at to get ahold of me if you want to use horses and lambs or sheep in your pictures